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Youth Circular Economy Impact Stories

Youth Circular Economy Impact Stories

Youth Circular Economy Impact Stories

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A Circular Revolution

Get ready to be inspired by ‘A Circular Revolution’ – the podcast that celebrates the power of Indian youth to drive sustainability and innovation in the Circular Economy. In each episode, join host Ankita Pahwa (@ankita.pahwa) as she speaks to an ‘Agent of Change’, conscientiously identified by the Indian Youth Climate Network. Whether you’re a young person looking to make a difference, or simply someone who wants to learn more about the circular economy and sustainable living, this podcast is for you. Join us on this journey of transformation and discover the power of youth-led change.

Episode 1: Refillable: A Game-Changer in Sustainable Home Care

It’s time to say goodbye to single-use plastics for good. Well, how do you ask? The answer is the Refill Revolution. In this episode, host Ankita Pahwa talks to Purav Desai, the founder of Refillable, about his innovative approach to plastic waste management. Purav shares his journey that led to the creation of this initiative and the problem they are trying to solve through it. He discusses the positive impact that Refillable has had on the environment and communities, and how he measures and tracks this impact. Join the refill revolution at

Episode Link:

Episode 2: From Waste to Value: The Journey of PlastiSkul

Join Ankita Pahwa as she interviews Kanika Ahuja, the President of PlastiSkul, in this episode of ‘A Circular Revolution.’ Kanika shares her journey and her efforts to combat plastic waste by converting it into a valuable resource. She elaborates on PlastiSkul’s unique micro-factory model and how it efficiently transforms plastic waste into raw materials. Additionally, she highlights the company’s collaboration with waste pickers and women to develop circular jobs. Kanika’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs based on her own experiences and insights is also a valuable addition. Don’t miss out on discovering how PlastiSkul is revolutionizing the fight against plastic pollution.

Episode Link:

Episode 3: Tackling India’s E-waste Problem with E-Waste Social

Join Ankita Pahwa in an insightful conversation with Iram Maimuna, founder of ‘E-waste social’, as they discuss the growing e-waste problem in India and the innovative solutions her startup is providing. Discover how E-Waste Social is making a positive impact on the environment by promoting responsible e-waste management practices and providing accessible solutions to businesses and individuals.

Don’t miss out on the part where Iram shares her thoughts on the potential impact of the ‘right to repair’ movement on India’s e-waste industry and how she envisions its evolution in the future. Tune in now and be a part of the sustainable e-waste management conversation!

Episode Link:

Episode 4: From Trash to Treasure: The Power of Composting with Balancing Bits

Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to the food waste you throw away every day? It may not seem like a big deal, but it has a significant impact on the environment. In this episode, host Ankita Pahwa sits down with Rahul Khera, the founder of Balancing Bits, to learn how he turned the simple act of composting into a game-changing solution for waste management. But WAIT, there’s more to it. We are also delighted to welcome Hrishita Gupta, our special guest and a waste management specialist from Saahas, one of India’s foremost NGOs in this field. Hrishita will be enlightening us on the important role of NGOs in promoting sustainable waste management practices in India. Tune in to this episode to learn how you can do your small bit for a balanced and a greener future!

Episode Link:

Episode 5: Youth Empowerment for Circular Economy: A Special Guest from MYCA – UNICEF Maharashtra

Join us in this episode as Mayank Jain, a board member of IYCN, sits down with Atul, an expert in circular economy education and waste management. Atul is an active member of UNICEF Maharashtra’s Maha Youth for Climate Action initiative, where he works to empower young people to take action on climate change. Listen in as Atul shares his insights on the importance of circular economy education, and how his work with local governments has led to innovative solutions like “waste to wonder” parks made entirely from recycled materials.

Episode Link:

Episode 6: Challenging the Disposable Culture: The Kipple Way

Join host Ankita Pahwa as she speaks to Ismat Imaan, the inspiring co-founder of Kipple. In this episode, you’ll discover how Ismat’s frustration with the wastefulness of student living led her to create a circular approach to consumption with Kipple’s shareable, sustainable starter kits. Hear how Kipple is challenging the disposable culture in the home goods industry and inspiring wider industry change. With Ismat’s passionate commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability, this episode will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to make a positive impact. Tune in now!

Episode Link:

Episode 7: From Carbon Emissions to Resource Creation : Towards a Carbon Circular Economy

It’s no secret that pollution and climate change are two of the horrendous challenges we face today. And while there are countless proposed solutions to combat pollution, the one we’re about to explore will truly blow your mind. Join host Ankita Pahwa as she sits down with Ronak Mistry, the founder of Greenovate Solutions, to explore the exciting innovations that are changing the game in the carbon industry. From carbon capture technology to transforming waste into usable materials, Ronak is at the forefront of creating a more sustainable future. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation on how we can close the carbon loop and pave the way for a greener planet

Episode Link:

Episode 8: From Handloom to High Fashion: Revolutionising the Industry’s Habits

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through endless GRWM videos on YouTube or adding items to your online shopping cart without thinking twice? We’ve all been there. But have you ever paused to consider the impact of our impulsive fashion habits? In this episode, Ankita Pahwa sits down with Anurag Jain, the founder of Gramastha, who has been working tirelessly to promote circular solutions in the fashion industry. Join us as we explore innovative solutions and gain valuable insights that can help transform the fashion industry for the better. Are you ready to learn and make a difference? Tune in now!

Episode Link:

Episode 9: LCOY India 2023: From Local Youth Solutions to Global Conference

Welcome to the final episode of ‘A Circular Revolution,’ exploring circular economy startups. Today, we’re speaking with two inspiring representatives from the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN). Srishti Singh shares IYCN’s journey, including the flagship program ‘Agents of Change’ and how it engages young voices in policy-making. Ayadi, a former participant of IYCN’s Local Conference of Youth, talks about the importance of collaboration and shares thematic takeaways from the conference. Join us as we discuss IYCN’s impact on mobilizing youth against climate change and its upcoming LCOY India 2023 event. Presented by IYCN, supported by EU Resource Efficiency Initiative and UNICEF India, and hosted by Ankita Pahwa at HT Smartcast.

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