Best Practices

Launch of Indian Resource Panel

Resource efficiency is gaining traction as a potential strategy in India and in order to foster its spread, the Government of India set up the Indian Resource Panel (InRP) (November 2015).

The InRP, consisting of various experts, was established with the aim of supporting the Government of India to elaborate an evidence-based strategy and policy on resource efficiency within the Indian industry that does justice to both public and private interests.

Strategy Paper on Resource Efficiency

There is a global commitment to achieving resource efficiency in order to establish sustainable consumption and production patterns. This is also a priority for the Government of India, and is reflected in various policies/programme announcements like Make in India, Zero Effect-Zero Defect Scheme, Smart Cities, Swach Bharat, and Ganga Rejuvenation Mission.

NITI Aayog and EU Delegation to India release the First ever Resource Efficiency (RE) Strategy for India in November 2017. It discusses the context and relevance of resource efficiency for abiotic materials in selected sectors. It has inter-alia recommended an action plan for achieving the goals of resource efficiency and sustainable development.